How to set parental control on computers and gadgets

Thinkuknow –  has a great page all about how to keep your child safe online.

It shows you how to get parental controls from the main Internet service providers (ISP’s).

The page also has videos from BT, Virgin, Sky, Talk Talk on how to activate free parental controls from their services.

I hope you find this article on keeping your child safe online useful.



Annabel Karmel’s Pumpkin Muffins – Family meals – MadeForMums

Annabel Karmel’s Pumpkin Muffins – Family meals – MadeForMums.

Halloween is only a few days away.  Get baking and have these delicious muffins to give the trick or treaters.  Will keep the children busy for a day over half term, and much tastier than another bag of Haribo.

Show your attempts to 2littlefeet via our facebook page.  Prize for the one we like the best!

StorkUp – Social Shopping for Mums

StorkUp – Social Shopping for Mums.

2littlefeet loves StorkUp the new site for social shopping!

Take a look at the images of the products that they have found and that you will love, then just save them to a Pinterest style list.  You can add to your lists, have lots of lists and even buy the items straight off your lists!

2littlefeet have started to add their products to StorkUp.  This is THE place to look for the best gifts, toys, clothes and accessories for children.

New PLUSH wheelybugs now in stock!

New PLUSH wheelybugs now in stock!

Wheelybugs make fantastic gifts for children.  They are cute, sturdy, and give hours of fun as the ride on toys can be rolled forwards, backwards and round and round.  They are the favourite toy for children of all ages that visit the 2littlefeet household! Our first Wheelybug will be 10 years old this Christmas!

It’s been rolled inside and outside, across lawns and across the kitchen floor by all ages! The babies love to lie and push the friendly looking Wheelybugs, older children love to race up and down on them.  The baby sitter still wants to have a turn, and adults that are more than old enough to know better, will, without any encouragement, give them a whirl too!

So yes, since there is no chance of any children that play in this house growing out of these toys for many years, this Christmas we will be adding to our collection, with a new plush Wheelybug.  Wonder if Santa gives them a go on the snow?

‘Kids ignorant about nutrition’

‘Kids ignorant about nutrition’ 

Bring back Home Economics into school says 2littlefeet.

If life skills are not taught then how can children learn them?

A simple description of the daily school lunch and its contents would be a good starting point.  Food and healthy eating should also have more weight, pardon the pun, in biology and the practical applications could be introduced in chemistry and physics.  A whole syllabus approach should be introduced to both eating well and finance so that budgeting skills are also improved.  The cost of running an oven for 2 fish fingers, microwave peas vs boiling on a hob etc .

Supermarkets could also market their food products through a nutrition program for the nation.  Let’s face it, Recipe cards are a bit old hat, in the digital age the scope to make a real impact with new marketing tools to help customers choose well nutritionally and financially must be worth its weight in weekly carrot tonnage if not pure gold carats!

Baby food from shops half as nutritious as homemade meals, study finds | Science |

Baby food from shops half as nutritious as homemade meals, study finds | Science |


Now what I want to know is will Harry Styles now be popping in to Simon Cowell’s kitchen to knock up a quick home made baby meal? We now know Harry can cook, and the baby food market looks like it is heading in One Direction….. Back to the kitchen with Style!