Chuggington launches new trains

2012 will see some new Chuggington characters.  The popular CBeebies Chuggington is welcoming new trains Piper, Decka and Skylar. Piper is a new trainee, Decka is a brightly coloured , double decker train and Skylar is a crane.  We’ll update you about the launch date as we hear more!


2 thoughts on “Chuggington launches new trains

  1. Piper is a trainee steam locomotive, she is a 4-2-0 and she is seen on the episode Toot’s New Friend as new!! Decka is a double-decker tram bightly colored with a BIG personality, she is like a mother to the trainees and is built for passegers and heavy loads, Skylar is a crane locomotive fresh out of the training academy, he will teach the trainees for a year why Dunbar is out of town.

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