New PLUSH wheelybugs now in stock!

New PLUSH wheelybugs now in stock!

Wheelybugs make fantastic gifts for children.  They are cute, sturdy, and give hours of fun as the ride on toys can be rolled forwards, backwards and round and round.  They are the favourite toy for children of all ages that visit the 2littlefeet household! Our first Wheelybug will be 10 years old this Christmas!

It’s been rolled inside and outside, across lawns and across the kitchen floor by all ages! The babies love to lie and push the friendly looking Wheelybugs, older children love to race up and down on them.  The baby sitter still wants to have a turn, and adults that are more than old enough to know better, will, without any encouragement, give them a whirl too!

So yes, since there is no chance of any children that play in this house growing out of these toys for many years, this Christmas we will be adding to our collection, with a new plush Wheelybug.  Wonder if Santa gives them a go on the snow?


Baby food from shops half as nutritious as homemade meals, study finds | Science |

Baby food from shops half as nutritious as homemade meals, study finds | Science |


Now what I want to know is will Harry Styles now be popping in to Simon Cowell’s kitchen to knock up a quick home made baby meal? We now know Harry can cook, and the baby food market looks like it is heading in One Direction….. Back to the kitchen with Style!

New Car Seat Regulations Start 9 July 2013

Important news from 2littlefeet! A new European regulation came into effect on July 9 2013.It replaces the current UNRegulation 44 which has been in place since the early 80’s.

The new Regulation 129 came into force on July 9 2013.  It includes a new regulation classification method for child restraints based on the child’s height and age.  The most significant change is that a child of less than 15 months MUST ALWAYS be rearward facing.

The initial implementation of Regulation 129 will be only applicable to ISOFIX child restraints with an internal harness.  Future phases will apply to all child seats.


Royal Baby Fashion History On Display: Just In Time Before Will And Kate Welcome First Child

Royal Baby Fashion History On Display: Just In Time Before Will And Kate Welcome First Child | IBTimes TV.

Looking forward to the pitter patter of 2littlefeet!

Sleep Deprived Mummy.

Here at 2littlefeet we have been suffering from a 3 and a half year stint of sleep deprivation!  I would like to say it’s been a nightmare, but quite frankly I have not slept for long enough in recent years even to have one of these! Oh the joy of babies and toddlers.

For parents that are as long suffering as me, take heart, after a serious amount of negotiation and research in to the ultimate prize to be awarded for a series of sleep filled nights we are finally cracking it.  The lure of a Princess bed has been reasonably successful.  The manipulation of the number of beds left on the John Lewis website (pre loading the page on the iPad with an ever decreasing number in the add to basket…) kind of worked, she was skeptical ” they can order more in mummy”.  The Milkshake thumbs up for a child that slept through produced tears, “now the last bed has gone! Please phone the lady in John Lewis to see if she can get another one, I will do it!” Hmmmmmmm.

So a big guess what finally broke the will of a toddler…the risk of missing out on a birthday party.  I will need to file this information for when she is a teenager.  No point saying she won’t be getting the latest hot fashion item for her birthday, nope, that won’t work, i’m sure she will manage to borrow it!  For this party animal a night in rather than one out on the tiles will be the trump card.  It was a slightly cruel/desperate attempt, but my friend played along when I told my daughter that if she really wanted to go to the party she would have to sleep all night in her bed without mummy.  “but what if I can’t do it?”  I told her that the party was ONLY for children that slept in their own beds without their mummies ( because I know a couple of them do, and she knows this is true).  No answer, just a look.  My friend played along and phoned my daughter later that afternoon to check if she would manage to sleep through.  She need to know because she was just going out to the shops to buy the ingredients for Krispie cakes and would make an extra one with a chocolate egg on if my daughter fulfilled the sleeping through, pre party entry criteria. “So does that mean I will get 2? One for coming and an EXTRA one because I did it?” Came the three year olds response down the phone. “Yes!” was the reply.

So the moral of this tale is, chocolate is always a winner for girls of all ages, and my daughter can give Carol Vorderman a run for her money, because that will buy more Krispie cakes 🙂

In the anticipation that the lady from John Lewis will send a princess bed to our house very soon, I have already got a set of single bed Dream Tubes in the hope they will keep the sleepless nights at bay so that I am free to dream in my own bed again!

Look forward to hearing your sleeping tales…