Funky lunch: Twit Twoo sandwich

Funky lunch: Twit Twoo sandwich –

A great recipe found in Junior magazine.  Owl sandwiches look almost too good to eat.  It’s a fun way to encourage children to eat a nutritionally balanced meal, and lots of fun for parents and children to make.  These sandwiches would look fantastic at a birthday party!


Step to the beat – Shoe Fashion News

Step to the beat
These trainers look great, but will they drive us all mad with their music? This article in Junior magazine tells us that they are just being launched.  Will they be the new hit Christmas gift?

Chuggington launches new trains

2012 will see some new Chuggington characters.  The popular CBeebies Chuggington is welcoming new trains Piper, Decka and Skylar. Piper is a new trainee, Decka is a brightly coloured , double decker train and Skylar is a crane.  We’ll update you about the launch date as we hear more!