New PLUSH wheelybugs now in stock!

New PLUSH wheelybugs now in stock!

Wheelybugs make fantastic gifts for children.  They are cute, sturdy, and give hours of fun as the ride on toys can be rolled forwards, backwards and round and round.  They are the favourite toy for children of all ages that visit the 2littlefeet household! Our first Wheelybug will be 10 years old this Christmas!

It’s been rolled inside and outside, across lawns and across the kitchen floor by all ages! The babies love to lie and push the friendly looking Wheelybugs, older children love to race up and down on them.  The baby sitter still wants to have a turn, and adults that are more than old enough to know better, will, without any encouragement, give them a whirl too!

So yes, since there is no chance of any children that play in this house growing out of these toys for many years, this Christmas we will be adding to our collection, with a new plush Wheelybug.  Wonder if Santa gives them a go on the snow?